Friday, January 8, 2010

Design your website first or do the coding first?

Hi, i'm intending to start learning designing website during my sem break. I seen quite alot of beautifully-designed website and was wondering whether the designer of these website actually deal with coding or design of the website first ? I would be using CSS for the coding btw.Design your website first or do the coding first?
You need to do the design first.

Good luck. Cheers :-)Design your website first or do the coding first?
Since you say you're just trying to learn, try putting together a very small, simple site with a very small, simple program creating some dynamic content for it. That way you'll quickly see that you're learning something.

Then make small improvements to the site design or the programming side as you learn new topics.
Always always do the design first,be on paint or paper. never start coding with nothing to aim at!
You definently want to design it first so you know what your working with and what you can do as a coder, so when it comes to coding the website its a breze and you know what to do, if you code first then your website probably wont turn out like you want it to.
definitely the design first.

you want to know what it looks like before you start trying to actually place the code on the site.
Design comes first.

and coding is done to an already decided design
Design always goes before implementation.
It is an iterative procedure first design part of it, code it and see how it looks, ask for people's feedback and modify design and code.
Definitely design first, as that way you'd at least know what you are coding. If you were to code first (and I've seen this happen in the past), you'd just end up with a very messy-looking page, or an eclectic collection of various design elements.

Actually deciding how you want the end-product to look will help you actually get something that looks good, rather than ';Ooh, wouldn't it be nice if I put this here'; in the middle of coding.
The first thing you to is to identify what kind of website you want to design. Identify your target audience and what is your goal in designing your site. If you are looking for a design , you need to research your competitor site. If you know it, then create a prototype (or the layout of your website including the navigation, colors, background), then design using adobe photoshop and dreamweaver. If you are using dreamweaver, you can add dynamic links such using css.

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