Friday, January 8, 2010

Myspace coding just shows up in About Me section?

I'm trying to redo the coding on my Myspace, so I erased all my code and had a blank Myspace. But now, no matter what code I enter in my About Me section of the profile editor, when I view my profile the code just shows up as text in the About Me section instead of actually working. Does that make sense?

To clarify: If I put the code for a background image, instead of it working and giving my Myspace the desired background, the code just shows up in my About Me section.

What should I do?Myspace coding just shows up in About Me section?
i think your not copying the code right!

when you are like copying it you skip part of the codeMyspace coding just shows up in About Me section?
First, delete any layout codes in your about me section. Before you view your profile make sure you save all changes!


1. Log in to your MySpace profile and click on the Edit Profile link.

2. On the right hand side of the page you will see View My Profile, Account Settings, and Profile Editor. Click on the Profile Editor link.

3. Once you are in Profile Editor, click on Theme Library.

4. A theme titled, No Style will appear. Click on that link to remove all code for that section. Remember, this will wipe out all of the existing code (No worries, it won't wipe out your friends, comments, etc..., just the layout for the section you are trying to update).

5. To complete the removal of the existing code, click Save and Publish.

After completing these steps, the page will default to the original MySpace layout with the white, blue and orange page. To update your code click on the Home link and enter the new code into the section you are updating.

I had this same problem and this fixed it.

try and go to a website instead of the profile editer try...

they have a ton of layouts.

then copy that code and paste it in your about me it should work.

and make your your copying the html code.
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