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Where/how can i learn beginner game coding?

I am experienced with drag and drop game designing without code, by using game maker, and I think i'm ready for the next step (code I think) where can I learn it, links and advise please, and how long will it take me to become experienced in that and move on?Where/how can i learn beginner game coding?
Programming a computer is difficult. It takes skill, dedication, and practice. Game programming is a particularly challenging form of programming, but it does have rewards, because it is so visual and so much fun.

I recommend beginners start with 2D games, as the math is much simpler than 3D.

I wrote a book on game programming in Flash (Flash Game Programming for Dummies) but as the official price of Flash is now over $600, I do not recommend Flash any more. (In fact, I don't even have a current version of it.)

I wrote another book about game programming using the free and powerful Python language, which is much more suitable for beginners.

Python is a wonderful language to learn both programming and game programming in.

Python is really completely free. It's open source, and totally free to use for any purpose. The gaming libraries and editors are also entirely free. You don't need to purchase anything to write great Python games.

Python has some other great features that make it an ideal tool for learning programming and gaming:

* It works on every major platform

* It's a clean - reasonably easy language to learn

* It's very powerful.

* It's pretty fast - not as fast as C, but much easier to write

* It has great libraries (for 2D and 3D gaming)

* It's increasingly used in games

* It's built into several 3D modeling programs

My book begins by assuming you know nothing about programming or Python. The first three chapters take you through the basics of computer programming and the Python language.

Then I introduce pygame, a wrapper to the popular SDL library for 2D graphics. I show you how to build a graphic game loop, respond to user input, and begin your animations.

I teach object-oriented programming as a powerful form of game organization, and teach you how to build your own sprites.

You learn all the basics of game development including

* sprite animation

* multi-state sprites

* collision detection

* boundary algorithms

* physics and gravity

The last chapter describes a game engine I built which greatly simplifies the creation of Python games.

I'm really proud of this book, and hundreds have learned from it so far.

You're welcome to look over all my code (and the online notes from my class) at can i learn beginner game coding?
Learn Adobe Flash CS3 or Macromedia Flash

it is easy and quick to make games with Flash. Easier than C or C++ or even VB. u can start by downloading Flash tutorial for Macromedia Flash MX and MX 2004 here:鈥?/a>

gudlak.. ^^
Learn C++

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