Friday, January 8, 2010

Showing coding without the actual item showing up

I want to show a code for a myspace comment box so it can be used by the public. I am using a freewebs account, but every time I enter the code, it gets messed up because part of the code actually shows up! please help, Im getting more and more frustrated! Thanks!Showing coding without the actual item showing up

%26lt;textarea name=';Image Link'; rows=';5'; cols=';40'; style=';white-space: normal;'; onclick=';this.focus();';%26gt;%26amp; lt ;p%26gt;%26amp; lt ;img style=';width: XXpx; height: YYpx; border: 0;'; src=';Image_URL'; alt=';Text Description'; title=';Mouseover Text';%26gt;%26amp; lt ;/p%26gt;%26lt;/textarea%26gt;


You must use %26amp; lt ; (without the spaces) for the '%26amp;lt;' symbol to deactive the HTML code inside the textarea box. Using %26amp; lt ; will insure all HTML is pure text.

The styling will give a black background and purple text. Change the font family in the order of priority that you want to use that is common for all viewers.

RonShowing coding without the actual item showing up
on myspace


text here


if you want different sizes go here

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