Sunday, December 27, 2009

Do medical billing and coding workers make lots of money?

of course not. they are fairly low level clerks.Do medical billing and coding workers make lots of money?
Go to and find out this information.Do medical billing and coding workers make lots of money?
Kristen is absolutely right in what she stated. Also, please understand that medical billing and medical coding are two different jobs. Yes, one can work at home and do both.

I have a friend doing strictly medical billing at home. She doesn't code the record. She has two clients. She brings in $7,500 a month. Her costs include software updates which are about $300-$400 a quarter. She is LUCKY because she found these two clients by doing a mass mailing. It usually takes much much longer to find medical billing clients to do at home.

At home coders and billers who get their own clients usually work on a % of what they bring in. That % can be as low as 6% and as high as 14%. Let's take the median at 10%- the average medical practice brings in about a million a year. Do the math. That is NOT a bad income. Having said this, I want to reiterate that finding clients in coding/billing at home is NOT easy. Finding MT (medical transcription) clients is much easier. However, the effort is worth it when you consider the income potential.

Medical coders working in a doctors office w/o any certifications and training from a vocational school can plan on starting at about $12 an hour. With AHIMA certification and a few years of experience, the income increases drastically to about $18-$20 an hour. Hospital coders make VERY good money, BUT you need high level certifications through AHIMA (usually the CPC) AND several years of experience to obtain a hospital coding job unless you are lucky and get into the medical records department doing a different job and work into a coding position.

Medical Transcription, coding, and billing are jobs projected to be in demand through the year 2016. As the population ages most healthcare positions are stable.

The important thing to remember is that quality training is NECESSARY in medical transcription, coding, and billing. Coders and billers have a much better chance of success if they become credentialed through AHIMA and to pass those exams you must know what you are doing. Don't skimp when it comes to quality education.
It depends on where you work. Working for a hospital pays much more than a dr's office. Once you have experience and credentials you can become an auditor and make really good money. Most inpatient hospital coders I know make $40,000-$70,000 depending on who you work for and your experience. *We are not just clerks*

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