Sunday, December 27, 2009

How to get sound to pla on html coding?

im leaqrning how to code and i have boks and sich for this, but i dont understand, i know this must seem simple, but whenever i say create an imbedded sound file, it says im missing a plugin, any reasons for that? because i clicked install missing plugins and it says im not missing anyHow to get sound to pla on html coding?

It may be the way you are embedding the file itself on your webpage.

For example if you had a file called song.mp3 and embeded it like so:

聽聽%26lt;EMBED SRC = ';'; loop = 0;%26gt;

Then by default a person visiting your page would only hear the music if they have a application installed on their computer that can open and play mp3 music, such as Windows Media Play for example.

The fact it says you need a plug-in may be because you have embedded the song that way, but your default music player requires new codecs or plug-ins to be able to play the file.

If on the other hand inside your EMBED tag you stipulated the player by including the attribute that tells the browser what player to use to play the embedded song, then the message you get re needing a plugin is saying that your browser needs you to download a plug-in to enable it to play the music.


TgTipsHow to get sound to pla on html coding?

Put dis i you code n it will play it in a player on your website:



%26lt;EMBED src=';path to YOU SONG.mp3'; autostart=true

hidden=false %26gt;



if you want the song to play in backgorund then change the ';hidden=true';...

Hop this was it...

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