Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Medical billing and coding?

I am currently finishing a diploma in medical billing and coding. I am planning to get certified after i graduate..i want to go higher..does anyone have any suggestions as to what degree should i go for after im done with this medical billing and coding? like a bachelor in health information management or an associate in medical office administrator??Medical billing and coding?
to be honest w. you... it is going to be very difficult to get your foot into the field, . unless you have some sort of experience doing coding or billing, or have a friend/family member who will give u a job.. where I work, most, if not all of the coders/supervisors worked their way up...some started out as a medical record scanner and moved to coding. I took a 1.5 yr course, and got certified, and couln't find a job for over 2 years. now there were job openings, but none would hire me due to no experience, even though i was certified and had schooling. i ended up working as a medical receptionist who did light coding. finally found a coding position at a hospital after 2 yrs at that crappy low paying job. by going 'higher' do you mean you want a supervisor type job? that is something you'd have to work up to, but the HIM degree would be a great choice if that is what u want to do. the reason it is hard to break in, is because first of all they all require experience, and secondly, they tend to promote their current employers to the higher and specialized levels of coding. this is frustrating when trying to get your first job, but once you get it, there is great room to advance in your career. In-patient coding is a very marketable skill. all those tv ads saying coding and billing are such a great career are slightly misleading, due to the fact that they wont tell you the difficulties finding a job will be.Medical billing and coding?
I have to agree with Poof....everyone I know (myself included) had to work our way up. Don't expect to graduate and land a high paying job right away.

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