Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What Java coding program should i use for Windows XP?

hi i am a bigginer

i just got into Java course and my teacher is a bit lazy nvm but iam looking for aprogram that i can create my own program with on windows XP ,I tried JCreator but every time i run my code it tells me

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: main

Exception in thread ';main';

Process completed.

please help iam really looking forward to learn JavaWhat Java coding program should i use for Windows XP?
TextPad is what I used when I've started learning java.

Small size, easy to use, and also FREE. Here is How To Install TextPad for Java:

First, you should install java jdk:

After installing Java JDK, install TextPad:

For farther information about how to install TextPad for Java check:鈥?/a>What Java coding program should i use for Windows XP?
Eclipse is a very good IDE for developing in Java. However, I don't think the error you're getting is because of JCreator, I think you have an error in the program you've created. Make sure the name of your class matches the name of the file that it's in, and that you have a method in that class named ';main';.
Well, that error is saying that you don't have a main method. It's not the compilers fault. All programs need a main method.

I've used JCreator; it's a good program. Dr. Java is good, but not better. And, of course, Eclipse is the best, but it's a bulky program and takes time to get used to. NetBeans is good too.
Netbeans is a full blown IDE that is pretty simple to use. Eclipse is another great IDE but a bit more complicated.

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