Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do you think medical billing and coding is a good field to be in right now ?

its the people who get the charts ready and proses insurance in the doctors officeDo you think medical billing and coding is a good field to be in right now ?
Yes %26amp; No.

Some doctors offices are eliminating the charts altogether by going digital. Some are using laptops or netbooks in the offices %26amp; exam rooms to get patient information. This info is entered electronically directly into the patient's electronic file. This is an expensive change over too. Not all doctors are willing to pay the money to make the change or apply for a grant for the change.

Billing %26amp; Coding is good to get into. However, you won't be doing just charts %26amp; dealing with insurance authorizations. Usually, the B%26amp;C person has to have front and/or back office skills. He/She needs to be able to answer the phone lines, deal with patients at the window, talk to drug %26amp; insurance reps when they come in, schedule appointments %26amp; other tasks.

I was just at the doctor's office today %26amp; he had a new B%26amp;C lady working for him. She had taken just the B%26amp;C classes at first, then took front %26amp; back office management courses too, sometimes called MOM courses (Medical Office Management). She's not a manager but she can step up if needed when the office manager is out sick, busy or whatever.

If you're looking into these classes, find out firsthand from your doctor what all you'd need to get hired. If he/she is too busy to tell you, ask the ladies or gentlemen in the office. They'll have detailed info to share %26amp; most likely, they can refer you to a decent school to get the classes needed.Do you think medical billing and coding is a good field to be in right now ?
I agree w/what Belle said. But also keep in mind this is a low paying job. It's usually only a dollar or two more than minimum wage. There are lots of colleges or adult learning center that offers training in this. However, more than likely a Doc's Office will hire a Medical Assistant to do this as they do front and back office. But it all depends on the setup of the office and how large they are. There are jobs you can qualify for in a hospital, like a Registration (Admitting) Clerk. Hospitals pay more than a doc's office but the salary for these jobs aren't enough to really support yourself let alone a family. Some people get confused w/Medical Coding and a Coding Specialist. A Coding Specialist is a good paying job that deal w/coding Medical Charts, now that job you can support yourself on - it's also a in-demand job and most places offer sign on bonuses since there seems to be a drought w/Coding Specialist. This course can be taking at your local colleges and you will be looking to get your degree as Coder and sit for a state exam to be Registered Health Information Tech (RHIT).

Good luck to you, hope this additional info is helpful.

Healthcare HR Manager
I have heard that there are many medical coding positions open right now. I haven't looked myself but I would do a search and see if there are any positions open in your area. According to the Department of Labor, medical coding is in a high growth industry.

Unless you have experience, you will need training. If you decide that you do want to become a medical coder, here is a demo to a great training course鈥?/a> If you want more info on medical coding and billing, check out this link as well鈥?/a>

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