Sunday, December 27, 2009

How much does medical billing and coding pay a year?

what is the salary in this fieldHow much does medical billing and coding pay a year?
It varies.How much does medical billing and coding pay a year?
Very little. This is one of the jobs taunted by the Local tech schools and colleges as the way to good money and the truth is most of it is barely over minim wage. Like medical techs this is usually a joint effort by the school to fill their class rooms , and the doctors and hospitals to get a steady annual issue of new and cheap labour. A friend of mine's wife took medical billing with the promise of 50,000 a year and after 3 years employment with the same doctor she is now making 8.75 an hour.

If you are interested in medical but not being a doctor than RN is the way to go. It is not really much harder than medical techs schooling, and pays a decent wage to start and once you get a year or two behind you you can name you price.

Usually you have to sign with the local hospital to pass. Here if you sign with the hospital for employment they will pay you to go to school(about $3500 sign up bonus out front. I you don't sign with the hospital you can forget it as you will not pass the exams to graduate .

I you don't wish to sign with a hospital than choose a school which is not associated with a hospital or doctors clinics.

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