Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I need a notice of coding from HMRC how do i get one?

i need one to set up a debit card, however i ahve looked on the web and cannot find a phone number any information is very helpful.I need a notice of coding from HMRC how do i get one?
You can phone a call centre (will be in telephone directory under HM Revenue and Customs). Or you can visit any tax office enquiry centre. They could either do a manual one for you there, but that wouldn't go through the post, or arrange for your correct tax office to send you a computerised one. I guess your debit card company wants evidence that your address is correct, and that you aren't stealing someone's identity!I need a notice of coding from HMRC how do i get one?
Why is your bank asking for a notification of coding for a debit card,

or any Companies debit card for that matter. Its got nothing to do with them what your NI or Tax coding is.All you need to set up a debit card with a bank, is 2 utilities bills, Birth Cert,or Passport, or Photo Drivers License

Just remember, ID fraud???????
try the tax office itself, this link takes you to the local information鈥?/a>

they can tell you on the phone what your tax code is and send it to you in the post
Your phone book will give you the phone number of your local office. Ring them, making sure you have your nino and ask them for a duplicate P2. It will take about a week to come through.
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