Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Is Medical Billing & Coding a good career?

I want to become either a Medical Biller or Medical Transcriptionist. I see there are plenty of job listings online for these positions but I am being told by not one, but two guys that there are no jobs within those fields.

Is this true? I'm confused because my Aunt's friend is one from home and she gets paid $30/hr.Is Medical Billing %26amp; Coding a good career?
There are jobs in both these fields. According to the Department of Labor, the need for medical transcriptionists will grow faster than the average for other occupations. Both careers are in the stable health care industry. No matter what state the economy is in, people will still get sick and need to see doctors. So there are jobs in both areas.

One thing that may help you decide which career path to choose-- MTs work from home more often than coders. Some coders do work from home but it is not as common as it is for MTs. And since your Aunt has a friend who works from home, she can probably refer you to her employer. Some training programs offer job placement assistance. They will help you find a job after graduation. So if your Aunt's friend is unavailable at that time, that is another resource.

Hope this helps!Is Medical Billing %26amp; Coding a good career?
Both medical billing and medical transcriptionist are good careers in health admin. industry and have very bright future. Don't worry, there are thousands of jobs are out there and looking for medical transcriptionist or coder who can work from home. However, medical coding practically earn more than medical transcription. more information,
just about anything in the medical field are good paying jobs especially medical coding.

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