Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Is anyone willing to teach me coding?

I used to play about with the old bbc computers and built some very basic games but would know like to learn and build my own rpg game.Is anyone willing to teach me coding?
no one can teach you coding here try to join a class for programming what we can do is provide you some resources or links for your help and referenceIs anyone willing to teach me coding?
Register with Hewlett Packard Learning centre, they do loads of

free courses, which I'm sure you will find very useful.
You can find many expert gaming coders at websites like
Contact your local college or visit the library. I can recommend C++ for Dummies by Stephen Randy Davis, published by Wiley .and C++ without fear by Brian Overland, published by Prentice Hall. Both books are informative and very user friendly, I can vouch for that I am reading them now!, if you ask again in 6 months yes I might teach you, lol. good luck!!
If you're used to the BBC Micro, QuickBASIC 4.5 is a very similar language, and very easy to use.

You can download it at:

It has a very well-documented help system too, to help you get used to the language.
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