Sunday, December 27, 2009

What coding language to learn?

I'm looking to go into games testing, and I think you need to know a coding language, so I'd like to ask which is the best to learn?

Ideally I'd like people in the industry to answer, but any help will do. Which coding language is future proof, I don't want to go through education, to see five years later I've learnt an outdated language!What coding language to learn?
Learning basic programming is the first step. Do that in any language that is convenient. There are some very good basic courses using JAVA and Python.

After that, learning many languages would probably be preferable. Once you have programming basics down, you will be surprised how quickly you pick up additional languages :) Get the basics down, and then you can branch out into other languages.What coding language to learn?
J2EE and J2ME would help as far as I know about the basic languages to learn to test gaming. Assembly language is necessary for some video games. There are languages like QuakeC and unreal script which are specific to ID software and Epic gaming respectively. It depends on what kind of specification in gaming you are looking for.

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