Sunday, December 27, 2009

How to make calculator by using visual basic6.0? plz tell me about coding?

First you have to create the interface of the calculator!

use all the buttons that u have on ur regular calculator!

numbers from 0 to 9

signs / * + = -

and a clear button!

then add a text box!

and three labels above the text box.

remember to lock that text box and the labels frm their properties.

now start with the clear button





i dont remember how the coding was exaclty am sure u do tho!

so do it in a way that the first number the person enters go to the first label

then the sign he enters goes into the second

and the second number goes into the third

so the textbox shows the result!

and u dont have to have the labels visible!

u can put them as invisible so the user wont see them!

the project is no small one!

so let me know if u need help on anythin in particular!


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