Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Help with coding a flash game?

I am trying to make a game like ';Spank the monkey'; in Flash 8, but can't figure out how it is coded. Can anyone please help?

Provide some information on where I can find the code and how to write it. Thank you.Help with coding a flash game?
Well you can have a ';hand'; and convert it into a movie clip. in it's timeline add the effects to make it look like a spank. in another ';monkey'; movie clip make it like it's getting hurt/feeling pain. Add instance name to each. Have a button or in the MouseEvent.CLICK event handler of the movie clip add the code to run both movies at the same time.

So when someone clicks the hand/button the hand will move to spank and the monkey will cry.

But seriously your one sadistic person ^.~ Now try have a ping pong ball delete the clothes of a character *blush*Help with coding a flash game?
Well flash uses a programming language called actionscript. It is very easy to learn and very user friendly. You will also need to be pretty comfortable with adobe. You should also post exactly what your skills are in terms of programming./flash. This is kinda hard to answer without knowing where you are at.
Ive done flash eight before and i sugest just simply googling it , that is probably your best bet

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