Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Search Engine Submission HTML Coding Help?

Where can I find an html code I can add to my site so other viewers can submit their site? Also what are some site where I can submit my site to search engine cheap?Search Engine Submission HTML Coding Help?
both of those will not come in only html, you MUST have php and a database to store information in.

with php, a user can submit something like this:

%26lt;form method='post' action='../submit.php'%26gt;

%26lt;input type='text' name='site' value='http://' /%26gt;

%26lt;input type='text' name='author' value=' /%26gt;

%26lt;input type='submit'%26gt;


That was an example... on the php page (..submit.php for example), youll need something like this script:


$author = $_POST['author']

$site = $_POST['site'] (['site'] being the name of the input where its grabbing.)

then: mysql_query(';INSERT INTO `user_submitted_site` (`site`,`author`) VALUES ($site, $author);

If you have no clue what I'm talking about, learn php at (as well as learning sql).Search Engine Submission HTML Coding Help?
do it free,

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